Fwd: Restricting my Communication


Subject: Restricting my Communication
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 05:18:00 EDT

I have decided to restrict my communication mainly to the AIAS / TGA working group and not to communicate with pseudoscientists, or with people who randomnly assert things without knowledge of mathematics. That is just a waste of everyone’s time. This includes standard theoretical physicists who still adhere to what is obviously an obsolete theory. I will still actively communicate with chemists and engineers and still act as a referee for mainline chemistry journals. I was originally a chemist and was forced into physics by the blank injustice of the EDCL years at Aberystwyth, an injustice which has become much worse by failure to put it right. I have taken the time to evaluate the various claims of latter day dogmatists and few stand up to scrutiny. In view of the essentially unanimous international acclaim for ECE theory, and in view of the mediaeval censoriousness of dogmatists I see no purpose in communicating with them, not that they ever do things directly. Also there is no purpose in communicating with people who fail to reproduce well known, undergraduate level, experiments, or do not show that their experiments are repeatable and reproducible. That can waste an awful lot of time, and it is a danger to apply a theory to incorrect data. The working group has been developed over years of hard work.

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