Fwd: Lute Improvisations on a Theme of "Greensleves"


Subject: Lute Improvisations on a Theme of “Greensleves”
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 16:26:10 EDT

This is apparently how the lute was played, and it can be listened to on youtube. Henry VIII is said to have written “Greensleves”, and indeed is known to have been a capable lute player. His older brother Prince Arthur Tudor died in Ludlow Castle at the age of 15, probably of T.B., and his father, King Henry VII Tudor (Tewdwr), had him betrothed to Catherine of Aragon, as is well known. Catherine’s mother Isabella of Castile died shortly thereafter, so the betrothal was broken off, but after Henry Tudor died, Henry VIII decided himself to marry Catherine, for no reasons of kingship. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn, who was the Howard Duke of Norfolk’s niece. Contrary to popular perception, Henry remained a Catholic, and was never a Lutheran, or heretic as he would have called it. Elizabeth took a more tolerant view than her father, and did not come between a man and his conscience. The Lady Blanche Parry apparently taught Elizabeth the Welsh language, and although holding my rank, that of Gentlewoman, she was regarded as Baroness by the Queen. This is just the usual history concentrating on the aristocracy, of much greater interest is the history of the ordinary people, notably one Master William Shakespeare of Stratford upon Avon.

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