Fwd: 131(13) : Calculation of the Connection from the Dual Identity


Subject: 131(13) : Calculation of the Connection from the Dual Identity
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 04:49:14 EDT

This is a first approximation calculation of the connection of Riemann geometry from the dual identity, and I think that this is the first correct calculation of a connection in 150 years. In this rough approximation, the result is a differential equation, eq. (20), which can easily be solved by computer for an initial and boundary condition. Throughout the twentieth century the wrong connection symmetry was used. It was finally realized in paper 122 that the connection must always be antisymmetric. Note carefully that this calculation does not use the metric. In the obsolete standard method the metric was used to define the Christoffel connection, but that is an entirely erroneous procedure as is well known now internationally. The field equations of dynamics and electrodynamics in ECE are given in vector format in the engineering model, and have numerous interesting new solutions as Doug Lindstrom is showing by computer. This is just a hand calculation in a rough approximation.

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