Fwd: Notice For Home Page


Subject: Notice For Home Page
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 02:31:10 EDT

I would be most grateful if this notice could be posted on the home page.

“I would be interested to hear from a research group that has expertise in non-linear electromagnetic techniques in order to try a simple radiatively induced fermion resonance (RFR) experiment. RFR theory has been worked out extensively, and is reviewed in volume 119 of “Advances in Chemical Physics”, a special topical issue called “Non Linear Optics (Second Edition)” with about thirty five review articles. The experiment is a simple one, it is the resonance equivalent of the well known inverse Faraday effect first observed at Harvard by the Bloembergen group almost fifty years ago and observed routinely by now. The IFE is therefore well known to be reproducible and repeatable and in ECE theory indicates the existence of the B(3) field. It is now known that the latter was independently inferred by several groups in the late eighties and nineties. The IFE and RFR show that in theory, ESR, NMR and MRI can be developed without permanent magnets and at much higher resolution than currently available. The Kennedy group at the NRL in Washington has made great progress with a hybrid type of RFR, and a type of RFR was observed by Barrett in the early eighties using inverse Raman scattering. What is needed is a simple experiment in which a circularly polarized radio frequency beam interacts with an electron beam. RFR is a much easier experiment than IFE”

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