Fwd: Mai / May


Subject: Mai / May
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 10:47:53 EDT

This is an englyn to Mai (May) just finished:

Gwyrdd a mwyn yw grudd y Mai, – y goeden Deg dan nen a dyfai, Y marw drom mae ar drai, Llwyn o gwsg yn llon gwisgai.

This is a celebration of nature in another way. It cannot be translated without losing all the art, but it describes May as the green, easy month, winter’s deathly grip is ebbing, the land awakes and dresses merrily. This is therefore The Right of Spring, a celebration of enlightenment. That is what natural philosophy should be also, the opposite of dark matter. I think I have a grip on cynghanedd now, otherwise if there is a flaw, the punishment is severe, to listen to a lecture on string theory.

Civil List Scientist

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