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Fwd: Major Advances of ECE Theory

April 29, 2009


Subject: Major Advances of ECE Theory
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 04:51:08 EDT

The major advance is to restore Bacon’s philosophy to its rightful place in physics. This has meant dispelling untestable dogma and false mathematics. This has been done by making the arguments as simple as possible, so that they cannot be refuted without entire loss of scholarly credibility. Those who have tried to falsify ECE have fallen by the wayside, as we can say objectively from continuous monitoring of feedback, and by continuous discussion over six years. The physics establishment has also fallen by the wayside, because of its dogmatic, non-scientific, attitudes, and has become irrelevant to progress among the rank and file of real thought. The blank refusal of the establishment to accept change means that this change has happened around it. The hallowed Nobel Prize in physics, the archetypical icon, has been matched in prestige by the new TGA gold medals and prizes. Prestige is in the eyes of the beholder but geometry is not. The comparitive simplicity of ECE theory stands out well in comparison with the twentieth century physics, the archetypical idol of the Baconian cave which has degenerated into a kind of hyper-complex nonsense language, in need of a shave with Ockham’s Razor. In the last analysis ECE is a theory like any other, and must be tested against experimental data. It is capable of being tested against data, and so far has performed well. The standard model is deliberately constructed as to be untestable, so anyone can call themselves a physicist. I think that that is a neat summary of physics in the late twentieth century. After a good start it fell apart. In great contrast, subjects such as chemistry and engineering have gone from strength to strength, because they operate in the real world. I do not think that this is in any way an unrealistic or over-harsh assessment of physics and concomitant incomprehensible pseudo-mathematics. In ECE, everything has been made as simple as possible, not as complicated as possible so that no one understands what is happening. So it is time to switch funding away from hyper expensive failures such as CERN and into other subject areas.

Fwd: ECE University Visits this month

April 29, 2009


Subject: ECE University Visits this month
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 04:01:05 EDT

The sharply increased interest in ECE theory can be measured in many ways, one of them is University and Institute visits. This month there have been 125 US university visits, 26 British, 17 German, 10 Canadian and 7 French. The lead countries are US, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, ………. To date in April 2009 there have been 252,447 files downloaded (hits), averaging a record 9,016 hits per day from 10,606 individual visitors to date this month. These figures are up to 28th April. This is sustained (six year) international interest, so ECE theory is a new school of thought alongside the standard model. The latter is obsolete and incorrect, but intellectual inertia of over a century of dogma will mean that it will still be regarded as valid physics. It is pseudo-physics but so deeply embedded in the psyche of the establishment that it will be defended to the least drop of ink, a typical dogmatic reaction which is to be expected. There is still a flat earth society. However, to real scientists and real scholars, ECE is here to stay.

Fwd: Radioactivity and Nuclear Theory

April 29, 2009


Subject: Radioactivity and Nuclear Theory
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 03:02:42 EDT

Have a look at papers 19 to 21 and papers on the interaction of fields for transmutation, i.e. electroweak theory is the theory of radioactivity, and strong field theory is nuclear theory. Essentially the transmutation occurs through simultaneous equations, and on the primary level the interaction of fields can take place through a minimal prescription.

Fwd: Motto of my Coat of Arms

April 28, 2009


Subject: Motto of my Coat of Arms
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:49:16 EDT

In response to numerous enquiries about the motto, it means “Dust pours from the fiery cauldron”, and is in honour of the loacl and South Wales Coal Miners. It is a line of cynghanedd: “Poer y Llwch o’r Pair Llachar”. There is is complete consonantal alliteration, the second half of the seven syllable line echoes the consonant sequence of the first half according to the ancient rules.

Fwd: Anti Swine Flu drugs

April 28, 2009


Subject: Anti Swine Flu drugs
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:42:33 EDT

According to wikipedia the virus is susceptible to oseltamivir and zanamivir under medical advice.

Fwd: Personal Banner in Craig Cefn Parc

April 28, 2009


Subject: Personal Banner in Craig Cefn Parc
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:29:49 EDT

There has been a warm reaction to the banner here in the village, it is a topic of discussion in the Rock and Fountain, the local pub, apparently. So I will now go ahead and have a permanent version made in steel on stone, probably sandstone or slate.

Fwd: The Error in Riemann Geometry

April 28, 2009


Subject: The Error in Riemann Geometry
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:30:54 EDT

This is the arbitrary assumption that torsion is zero. It led to the wrong assumption of symmetric connection. A symmetric connection cannot be generated by an antisymmetric commutator, QED. The habit that crept into things in the twentieth century was to forget the torsion and to forget the fact that the connection is generated directly by the commutator. So there was no indication in teh absence of torsion that the connection must be antisymmetric. This worked itself into the disaster that is modrn comsology. At AIAS / TGA we have already proposed a satisfactory cosmology based on torsion (ECE source papers on _www.aias.us_ ( ). This is elucidated further in proof one. We have:

[Dmu, Dnu] V sup rho = – gamma sup lambda mu nu D sub lambda V sup rho + ………..

and the mu nu symmetry must be the same on both sides. It cannot be symmetric. In the twentieth century the RHS term was erroneously left out, and it was assumed erroneously that the connection is symmetric.

Fwd: 131(5) : Consequencies of Antisymmetry on the U(1) Level

April 28, 2009


Subject: 131(5) : Consequencies of Antisymmetry on the U(1) Level
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:20:03 EDT

Attachment: a131stpapernotes5.pdf

This note develops a note written about three weeks ago. The general antisymmetry law is that when ANY tensor quantity with mu and nu lower indices is generated by a commutator with mu and nu indices, it vanishes unless it is antisymmetric. If it were symmetric it could not have been generated by a commutator. This is as elucidated in the flow charts of proof one on _www.aias.us_ ( . No serious scholar has objected to this proof. In this note I give three examples of the power of the antisymmetry law on the U(1) level. There is a relation or constraint between the scalar and vector potentials in the static electric field. The vector potential of the magnetic field must also obey antisymmetry constraints such as eq. (29) (also given by Atkins in “Molecular Quantum Mechanics” (many editions, Oxford University Press)). Finally, in the third example, the antisymmetry law removes gauge freedom, (U(1) Lorenz gauge freedom) a finding that makes gauge theory obsolete in another way. Gauge theory was in fact wrong from the very beginning because it was incompatible with photon mass, (the Proca equation is not gauge invariant). Photon mass is a fundamental necessity introduced by Einstein in 1906 and advocated by Vigier and de Broglie. Gauge theory is mainly due to Weyl. The B(3) field is also antisymmetric in mu and nu on the O(3) and ECE levels of electromagnetism. Gauge freedom so called was simply due to a problem being underdetermined mathematically in Heaviside’s formalism, it needed a constraint, and that constraint is antisymmetry of the commutator acting on the gauge field. On the ECE level the commutator acts on the vector in any spacetime and of any dimension. The connection takes the antisymmetry of the commutator, otherwise it would not have been generated by the commutator, QED.

Fwd: 131(4) : Errors in U(1) Gauge Theory of the Standard Model

April 28, 2009


Subject: 131(4) : Errors in U(1) Gauge Theory of the Standard Model
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 08:43:38 EDT

This note shows that U(1) gauge theory of electromagnetism throughout the twentieth century was and is irretrievably erroneous because of its arbitrary neglect of antisymmetry in the commutator of covariant derivatives acting on the gauge field. The emergence of O(3) internal gauge symmetry electrodynamics followed the discovery of the B(3) field at Cornell in 1991 (Physica B papers of 1992 and 1993 on the Omnia Opera of _www.aias.us_ ( ). It was realized in 2003 that O(3) electrodynamics is a special case of ECE electrodynamics. Therefore the similar B(3) producing theories of Barrett, Lehnert et al., Horwitz et al., and Harmuth et al. are also examples of ECE electrodynamics in particular limits and with particular assumptions. ECE is the most general theory, based on geometry in which the abstraction of gauge theory is eliminated. The antisymmetry (12) even on the U(1) level produces new constraints on potential components. Amazingly, this antisymmetry was missed since the days of my predecessor on the Civil List, the great Oliver Heaviside, the pioneer of electrodynamics with the better known James Clerk Maxwell, but it is a simple consequence of the antisymmetry of the commutator. Similarly the antisymmetry of the connection in Riemann geometry is a simple consequence of the antisymmetry of the commutator used in Riemann geometry, adn thi swas also missed for about one hundred and ten years. It is well known that gauge theory is based on Riemannian concepts. This paper will explore the new antisymmetry of type (12), but on the correct ECE level (ECE engineering model on _www.aias.us_ ( ).

Attachment: a131stpapernotes4.pdf

Fwd: Historical Summary by GJE

April 28, 2009


Subject: Historical Summary by GJE
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 05:51:11 EDT

Thanks Myron, you were always ahead of the game and it was apparent long ago that you had something special. Had the establishment been able to work with you (rather than against you) then who knows what might have happened. Having said that, you could not have achieved more than you have – “out of adversity……………….”

I like the quote from Martin Luther King:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

By the way, your summary essay today is excellent. .

Best, Gareth

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 02:33:59 -0400
Subject: Two Papers on Effects Discovered Experimentally by Gareth J. Evans

The original papers may be accessed through the Omnia Opera of and are:

169) M. W. Evans, “Barrier Crossing Theory for Ultra Fine Far Infra Structure in the Liquid State.”, Physica Scripta, 30(3), 222 (1984).

298) M. W. Evans, “Group Theoretical Statistical Mechanics of the (Gareth J.) Evans Effects, Phase Changes Produced by Homogeneous Electric and Magnetic Fields”, Physica B, 162, 293 (1990).

GJE is part of the ECE working group and an AIAS Director. So scholarship has certainly outlasted mindless and self imolating academic infighting at Aberystwyth.

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The reason why the Welsh academic establishment works against Welsh speaking scholars in Wales remains a big mystery.

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