Fwd: Atlas GR worksheets for Maple


Subject: Fwd: Atlas GR worksheets for Maple
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 12:51:28 EDT


I discovered an intriguing Maple addon product that appears to make GR calculations easy. See http://digi-area.com/prod/atlas/Templates/index.php and check out the following GR-related worksheets at the bottom of the page.

Gravitational Collapse Schwarzschild black hole with cosmological constant Kerr black hole Connection with torsion

Atlas has been tested with Maple 8,9, and 10, but apparently not with Maple 11 or 12.

There also is an Atlas pdf reference manual at http://digi-area.com/download/atlas.pdf

Is paper 93 the place to find the maxima code that derives torsion from curvature? I think I am now ready to try the derivation with Maple, but I am not sure that I fully understand the steps in the derivation.

Also, in case you are interested, Maplesoft has just announced a new version of Maple, Maple 13, with improved graphing and plottig capabilities. No indication of purchase or upgrade price yet.

Thanks, Dave Feustel

We can send you the Maxima code, it evaluates the dual identity for various metrical solutions of the Einsetin field equation, all are well known by now to be geometrically incorrect due to neglect of torsion. Further details in papes 93, 95, 117, 120 and similar. Any code given in standard packages still neglects torison, and is obsolete. Looks like this is the verdict of the international scientific community.

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