Fwd: 15-29April09: Rest of World to www.aias.us


Subject: 15-29April09: Rest of World to http://www.aias.us
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 06:39:18 EDT

This gives the higher educational and major corporate sector feedback from the rest of the world, excluding the US and Europe. The combined interest from the rest of the world is about half the US or European interest in ECE theory. This indicates worldwide intellectual acceptance of ECE over six years.

UNSJ-CUIM Argentina, CNEA Govt. Argentina, Santafe Conicet Govt. Argentina, McQuarrie University Australia, Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Brandon University Canada, Humber, McGill, Alberta, British Columbia, Montreal, Waterloo, TIE Chile*, El Politech Colombia, IITM India, Bezu India, IIAP India, Tohoku University Japan, Rakuten system Japan, Yonsei University South Korea, AUB Lebanon (Europe), UITM Malaysia, UPM Malaysia, Chistchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology New Zealand, PUCP Peru, UMAC Peru, PERN system Pakistan, National University of Singapore, NTU Taiwan, University of Cape Town South Africa.

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