Fwd: 15-30March09, USA to www.aias.us


Subject: 15-30March09, USA to http://www.aias.us
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 04:56:08 EDT

As usual this is my two weekly feedback report on ECE theory, divided into USA, Europe and the Rest of the World. It is a very small selection of high quality interest, chosen form the higher educational, governmental, military and large corporate sectors. Each entry may denote multiple visits form one computer, a * denotes more than one computer form a given organization. There is obviously very intense high quality interest in ECE theory, as there has been for five years of daily monitoring. This month there were eighty two visits form leading US universities alone, meaning the end of the standard model era in physics. Also a visit form the US Military Central Command and the Central Intelligence Agency (perhaps investigating fraud in standard physics).

Brandeis*, Brigham Young, City University of New York, Drexel*, Evergreen, Information Sciences Institute, LeHigh, MIT*, North Dakota system, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Rochester, Southern Illinois, Southern Methodist, Stonybrook, SUNY Stonybrook, Texas A and M, Toronto (ed network), Tulane*, Univ California system, Chicago, UC Santa Cruz, Delaware, U Mass., U Mass Dartmouth, Maryland, Michigan*, UNC Wilmington, Nevada Reno, Texas, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Virginia*, Vermont, Wisconsi, Yale; NASA Jet Propulsion, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, St Lucie County California, Robins Airforce Base*, US Military Central Command, US Military HP Command, AERO Organization, The Aerospace Corporation, Mohawk Regional, The Boeing Company*, Botevgrad Defense Company*, Central Intelligence Agency, Ford, Microsoft*, Motorola, Panasonic, VArian*, and thosuands of other corporate visits during the month from the US alone.

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