Fwd: 15-27Feb09, USA to www.aias.us


Subject: 15-27Feb09, USA to http://www.aias.us
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 04:25:56 EST

As usual the individual URL feedback is divided into USA, Europe and the rest of the world. Up to 27 Feb 09 there was a record number of University and Institute visits, 121 from the US and 40 from Britain, with a commensurate number form the rest of the world. I have been monitoring the URL visits daily for five years and have about 250 notebook pages full of university URL entries, of the order of one hundred thousand university and institute visits of high quality. each URL visit may denote many log ons to the site, and * denotes different visitors from the same institution. The harassment, nonsense mathematics and personal animosity to which I have been subjected for many years from the standard fringe has had the effect of sharply increasing the interest in ECE, mainly from physics and chemistry departments in universities. There is of course a huge amount of corporate, governmental,military and individual interest also. This is the true level of interest in ECE theory. Added to the university entries below is a short selection of major corporations and so on out of several thousand who visited the site.

Alaska*, American Physical Society, Arizona, Berkeley*, Boston Univ., Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Case Western Reserve, Duke, Green River, Harvard*, Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies, Iowa State, Kent State, LeHigh, Maricopa, MIT, Minesota State Colleges and Universities, Michigan Tech University, Nebo School District, Oakton, Old Dominion, Ohio Univ., Penn State*, San Diego State, Southeast Missouri State, Southern Illinois, San Jose State, St Cloud State, Anna Mendez, Texas Christian, Toronto (on edu), Arkansas Little Rock, Univ California System*, U Connecticut, U Florida, Houston, Illinous Urbana Champaign*, UMBC Maryland, U Maryland, Missouri St. Louis, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Utah, Texas*, Kentucky*, Washington, Wisconsin; US Gov DHS, US Gov IRS, US Gove St Lucie County; Robins Airforce Base, Redriver Army Base, The Aerospace Corporation, Berkeley Public Library, CCD Services, Consortium Library, Ideastream, Southwestern Labs., Adobe, Boeing, Botevgrad, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, Mobile Gas, Motorola, ………………….

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