Fwd: Work hard for the Welsh Language


Subject: Work hard for the Welsh Language
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 04:16:41 EST

In view of the UN report alerting people to the danger of extinction of this ancient British Celtic language I would like to make an appeal to readers all over the world (in the US and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in Patagonia for example) to establish new schools and a university in the language. It should be taught also in England and Scotland, because it is their own classical Celtic language, the language of Buddug (Boadicea) and Caradog (Caratacus). It is taught at Oxford and Cambridge as a classical language. I urge the Assembly to set up gealtacht type areas in Wales to safeguard the language, to prohibit immigration into such areas unless the immigrant can prove that they are either native speakers or have an O level in the Welsh language and literature. There should be a cap on the price of housing so the native young people have a chance of a decent life in the Welsh language. Welsh is a language which crystallized from British Celtic, a Indo European language. Proto Celtic crystallized out of proto Indo European about ten thousand years ago, probably in the Iberian Peninsula, and spread over about 80% of all Europe. The DNA of the Irish and Welsh is identical it is the Atlantic Modal haplotype and closely similar to the English and Scots, so they all shared the same very ancient, ten thousand year old, language at one time, which crystallized out to Goidelic Celtic (Irish, Gaelic and Manx) and Brythonic / Gaulish Celtic (of which Welsh and Breton are still spoken, and of which Cornish has been revived). Other branches are Cymric (spoken in northern Britain up to the Great Glen and very similar to Welsh) and Gaulish (of which I understand a few placenames in France and Belgium because I am a native Welsh speaker). It would be a catastrophe if the great classical Celtic family of languages, which once spread all over Europe from Ireland to Anatolia, became extinct. Chapels and churches in Britain (which ensured teh survival of the language) should also be much more rigorously protected, it is distasteful to see them on sale and demolished. This is like selling the Parthenon for its marble. Make every effort to learn the language, make sure your children learn it and speak it too, natives and expatriates alike.

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