Fwd: Criticisms of Wikipedia


Subject: Criticisms of Wikipedia
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 03:30:40 EST

I think that the current wikipedia entries on ECE theory and G. ‘t Hooft should be heavily criticised by the new wave of ECE physicists all over the world, who should put the record straight, that the long term editor of “Foundations of Physics” and “Foundations of Physics Letters”, and still the editor of a book series running to three hundred volumes, Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe, fully SUPPORTS ECE theory, as do about half of physicsts worldwide. ‘t Hooft has a record of grotesque animosity towards others and myself, and of gross bias against ECE theory. he has no right at all to write an editorial to “overturn” the views of van der Merwe or anyone else. ‘t Hooft’s views are just empty bias. This can be done by making the ‘t Hooft entry very controversial by repeated criticism, and the ECE entry very controversial by repeated criticism. Our barristers can also ask wikipedia to remove the ECE entry, which is defamatory and misrepresentative. If the standard fringe is going to play games with student level mathematics, this should be the response. In the meantime the industrial work of AIAS should proceed as usual.

AIAS President, TGA Executive Director

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