Fwd: Significant Progress by Douglas Lindstrom


Subject: Significant Progress by Douglas Lindstrom
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 03:28:56 EST

Horst, Myron: I think I have shown in the attached document that the two current ece em model does not allow a static solution. Still have a bit of thinking to do for the phi=0 case. If you agree with my thinking, I will modify paper 2 accordingly. The title is erroneous – it should include non-maxwellian static solution. Doug

Several of us think that this is very significant progress by Douglas Lindstrom, and the computer code that is developing from this work can be used in a coordinated wordwide effort to develop new energy devices. The theory develops into code, which develops into networked CAD / CAM which develops into designs and patents, and finally devices for building and testing. This is under the aegis of ECE technologies Ltrd., which is 51% owned by Steriwave Plc., and 49% by the British Civil List Scientist.

Attachment: There is No Static Solution to the Two Current ECE EM Equations.pdf

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