Fwd: Very Intense Interest in ECE Theory


Subject: Very Intense Interest in ECE Theory
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 07:26:34 EST

There has been very intense interest in ECE theory this month, particularly in the last two weeks. There is therefore no doubt that it has superceded the standard model and that ECE leads to new and clean sources of energy in theory and practice. We should work flat out on such devices in my opinion. They have no carbon footprint, produce no emissions and are easy to use. Paper 94 on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) is always well read, and now we are rapidly developing code for networked CAD / CAM of devices based on ECE theory. There can be no further doubt that the Einsteinian era in gravitational physcs and cosmology has been superceded by the ECE era, based on spacetime torsion. The two ECE sites: _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and _www.atomicprecision.com_ (http://www.atomicprecision.com) , have recorded their average of about a quarter million hits again this month. I will give the final returns for January 2009 tomorrow. So we are off to an excellent start to the year.

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