Fwd: 15-30Jan09: Rest of World to www.aias.us


Subject: 15-30Jan09: Rest of World to http://www.aias.us
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 07:05:51 EST

There was very intense interest in the site in the last two weeks, particularly from Canada, Mexico, India and Japan as follows:

Sharjah Univ Arab Emirates, CNEA Argentina, Monash Univ Australia, Electrosul Gov. Brazil, UFF Brazil, UNB Brazil, UNICAMP Brazil, USP Brazil, Canadian ECE Network of Engineers, Gov. Quebec,McGill Univ*, McMaster Univ., NS Canada, Perimeter Institute, QC Canada, Univ British Columbia, Univ Toronto, Victoria Univ Canada, UV Chile, ITP China, City Univ Hong Kong, CU Hong Kong, DNS India, Amrita Univ India, BHU India, DU India, NIT RKL India, RCIL Gov. India, Osaka Univ Japan, Tokyo Univ Japan, Yatshutiro NCT Japan, Sony Corporation Japan, MIE-C Japan, AUB Lebanon, Itchihuahua Univ Mexico, IPN Mexico, UTHM Mexico, UASLP Mexico, UNAM Mexico, USON Mexico, UTHM Malaysia, ADDU Philipines, NUS Singapore, NCTU Taiwan, NCU Taiwan, Academica Sinica Taiwan.


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