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Fwd: Complete Opposition to the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Turbine Proposals

December 30, 2008


Subject: Complete Opposition to the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Turbine Proposals
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 08:18:30 EST

There is almost complete opposition to this proposal because it is motivated by rapacious greed, no tby any considerations of national or international interest. It consists of the following:

1) Over a hundred distinguished scientists in the Darmstadt Accord (_www.socme.org_ ( ), a general and severe scientific criticism of wind turbines. This is of course the basis of my own criticism as the British Civil List Scientist. 2) The M.P. for Gower, Rt. Hon. Martin Caton, 3) Several local Assembly Members, including the Plaid Cymru lead over this issue, Dr David Lloyd, to whom I have spoken personally, and the Labour A. M. for Gower, Mrs Edwina Hart. 4) The entire local community of moorland farmers, some of whom have held the land for generations as hereditary tenants. The landlords agent was chased away form one meeting with a flea in his ear, so intense was the outrage. 5) Twenty opposition groups, including City, County, Borough and Town Councils, part of the Welsh Assembly, CADW, conservation groups, walking groups, and so on. 6) About 95% of those polled in a recent survey. There is fierce and almost complete local opposition. 7) Myself as the only person with rank of Gentleman in the affected area, and as Civil List Scientist. My ancestors have farmed this precious land since Tudor times.

So Swansea County Council has no choice but to reject the proposal outright, or to cause outrage and resentment for generations. Injunctions should also be taken out for damages against the landlord and developers for intended environmental destruction. Above all, a British Land Act is needed to nationalize and protect land in the hands of blatantly irresponsible landlords. There is another fierce battle going on in north Wales about an offshore development, and increasing heavy opposition to turbines all over Europe. Those who ignore this clear opposition are electoral despots

Glyn Eithrym, Civil List Scientist (_www.aias.us_ ( ).

Fwd: Comments on Notes 126(1)

December 30, 2008


Subject: Comments on Notes 126(1)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 07:55:13 EST

Eq. (108) was adapted in this note by using the concept of an additional force of repulsion, a positive valued F. This is introduced into galactic dynamics in addition to a relativistic Kepler part. This ensures that the stars spiral outwards as observed in a galaxy. In paper 108 the star of a binary pulsar spiraled inwards due to an additional attractive force. In conventional gravitational theory there is no gravitational repulsion, so the force is always negative valued. This is true for all orbits excluding that of a galaxy, where a positive valued force throws the stars outwards. This can be attributed to spacetime angular momentum as in paper 123. This geodesic approach is more self consistent and more complete.

Fwd: 126(1) : Geodesic Theory of Galaxy Dynamics

December 30, 2008


Subject: 126(1) : Geodesic Theory of Galaxy Dynamics
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 07:44:01 EST

This is a complete geodesic theory of galaxy dynamics, in which there is a relativistic Kepler part, together with a repulsive force which drives the stars outwards onto spirals. This is an adaption of paper 108, which used an attractive force to drag a star of a binary pulsar inwards.

Attachment: a126thpapernotes1.pdf

Fwd: New Concepts in Orbital Theory

December 30, 2008


Subject: New Concepts in Orbital Theory
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 04:49:46 EST

In paper 111 most orbits were described with a new and simple orbital theorem, with the exception of binary pulsars (paper 108) and the orbits of galaxies. In paper 123 we are now working on a more general orbital theory using the concept of spinning spacetime. Papers 108 and 111 used a geodesic method, from which can be derived the conserved energy and momentum. In paper 123 the spinning spacetime is thought of as generating work on a star. This gives a potential energy, which is the capacity for doing work. The potential energy produces a force due to spacetime which projects the stars outwards. All planar orbits are described by constant angular momentum, including the most well known orbit – Newtonian / Keplerian. The concept of force between two particles is replaced by angular momentum of spacetime. Instead of an attractive force inwards there is an attractive (negative valued) force outwards. This is attractive because a star is attracted outwards by spinning spacetime. Similarly a particle in orbit around the sun is attracted outwards by the spinning spacetime. Once the spacetime stops spinning the lateral velocity is lost and the particle gives up its potential energy acquired from spinning spacetime and falls into the sun along the radial axis. A completely self consistent approach needs a combination of the concepts in papers 108, 111 and 123 to date. Paper 123 is not in final form yet. In other words a geodesic approach is needed to describe all orbits in terms of a line element. The latter cannot now be a solution of the incorrect Einstein field equation. The geodesic approach gives the total energy and angular momentum as constants of motion.

Fwd: Legal Injunctions

December 29, 2008


Subject: Legal Injunctions
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:11:21 EST

I have been asked by the people of Mawr here, and by someone called “The Mole”, to help in opposition of wind turbines. I feel it is time to take out legal injunctions against the landlord and the developers. I feel that that the local Council’s planning committee has already been rigged, because of the recent betrayal by Carmarthen County Council in the Bettws development. I am prepared to try a legal injunction on my own, but it would be better of SOCME and CADW, for example, took out the injunctions in a class action with other gorups. I have been fighting this turbine development for twelve years along with Cllr. Ioan Richards. I run AIAS, whose website is _www.aias.us_ ( . The scientists of AIAS almost all agree that global warming is not human driven, it is clear that there is no correlation between global temperature and carbon dioxide concentration and no justification for wind turbines. The Mynydd y Gwair development is due to the highland clearance type greed of an absentee landlord. It is unanimously opposed by local farmers, and by about 95% of those consulted in a recent poll. I was born and brought up in this area, I speak the Welsh of the area, and am a published poet in both languages. There are many who will witness to the destruction of the Gelliwastad ecology by unauthorized vehicles. The bridle path is for horses only. For generations the local farmers held to this rule, once it was broken, the top soil was eroded and it now flows into houses and on to roads. I use this example to show what devastation will be caused by wind turbines. Only a little top soil damage causes accumulative effects. “Glyn Eithrym” is the name for this valley, after the Celtic St Eithrym. I decided to take the name after being awarded armorial bearings on 7th July. By law of arms, my rank is Gentleman, so in view of the fact that no County Councillor is democratically elected by 50% or more of the electoral register. I have as much right to speak for my own people. Currently I am the only scientist on the British Civil List and the only person from Wales.

British Civil List Scientist

Fwd: Letter to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton

December 29, 2008


Subject: Letter to Rt. Hon. Martin Caton
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 04:42:24 EST

This is the letter, which I will post today. As you see it asks for a complete list of Civil List pensioners and a pension in accordance with the 1837 reform act. I propose to the MP that he initiate the process of O. M. or C. H., which should logically follow the Pension. That would balance things out because Hawking and Penrose are O. M. and C.H. and no longer reflect scientific progress. I have shown them to be incorrect, and my views have been accepted internationally. We here have introduced a theory which has been an overwhelming success. Academia no longer has the high ground, there are no icons in science. I will also make these suggestions to the First Minister, Rt. Hon. Rhodri Morgan, A. M.

Attachment: alettertomartincationdec2008.pdf

Fwd: Petition for Increased Civil List Pension

December 29, 2008


Subject: Petition for Increased Civil List Pension
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 04:06:43 EST

I am shortly going to write to Mr Martin Caton MP to request him to initiate a motion for an increase in the Civil List Pension to fifty thousand pounds a year free of all taxation for the 25 distinguished Pensioners. At present the Pension has been devalued to essentially nothing, (mine is 1,800 pounds a year) and cannot reflect the gratitude of a rich and powerful Nation as laid down by Parliament in the reform Act of 1837. To obtain such a Pension is one of the most difficult processes in Britain, people still go for the Pension because it is a high honour. As such the Pension must reflect the high honour.

Civil List Sceintist

Fwd: Challenging the Legality of the Mynydd y Gwair Fiasco

December 28, 2008


Subject: Challenging the Legality of the Mynydd y Gwair Fiasco
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:16:59 EST

The legality of the development should be challenged in as many ways as possible. There are several grounds for this.

1) The development violates the environmental by laws of Swansea County Council, by laws which protect the unique and delicate ecology very rigorously. Mr Dewi Lewis yesterday reported damage by vehicles. I have frequently reported illegal vehicle damage on Gelliwastad. Having been away from here for thirty years I could easily see the deterioration caused by breach of by laws. There is only one bridle path on Gelliwastad, and that is not for the use of vehicles. Turbines will cause carnage. I walk Gelliwastad every day, frequently through seas of mud or clouds of dust as the top soil is eroded to bed rock by people who know nothing of the local farming methods. The mud runs off the damaged mountain into houses and on to roads.

2) It breaches the European Convention on Human Rights, in particular the right of assembly. No Councillor on Swansea County Council is elected democratically by a majority of the electoral register because of a very low turn out and first past the post system. The people who are deciding on this planned destruction are essentially unelected.

3) The landlord does not have the authority to destroy grazier rights. This land was formerly owned by Parliament and unfortunately given to the then Marquis of Worcester, who was made Duke of Beaufort. The areas is Welsh speaking, Leveller in tradition, and Parliamentarian. It has no churches, only nonconformist chapels, and is not a part of Swansea in tradition. I myself am a fluent Welsh speaker of nonconformist origin, as was Lloyd-George. The latter famously described the House of Lords as a collection of the unemployed chosen at random. Their only remaining power is erosive.

4) On scientific grounds wind turbines are useless, for example they are intermittent, and need conventional power stations for days with no wind. The obvious source of energy for Wales is coal, and by products of coal.

On these and other grounds, various of the twenty opposition groups should seek injunctions to prohibit the development. In order to modernize the voting system, compulsory voting and proportional representation are needed, with an option to record a null vote if no candidate is suitable. A British Land Act is need to nationalize all land of aristocratic origin, and all land over a certain acreage. There is no hereditary aristocrat now in the House of Lords.

Glyn Eithrym

Fwd: PS typo in last note

December 28, 2008


Subject: PS typo in last note
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 04:38:35 EST

I would NOT advise students to go into cosmology: try chemistry, engineering, or human genetics.

Fwd: A Short History of General Relativity, Sixth and last part

December 28, 2008


Subject: A Short History of General Relativity, Sixth and last part
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 04:35:39 EST

In the twentieth century the subject began to go seriously wrong when Einstein’s own advice was discarded, as in black hole theory. This term was introduced by Wheeler, who was Einstein’s assistant. The academics still try to propagate this blatantly absurd theory, so do a great disservice to science. I had some correspondence with Wheeler about the B(3) field. I am not sure if Vigier ever accepted black hole theory, or Sternglass, another Einstein assistant I met and talked with, but they all accepted B(3) theory. The other big problem in the twentieth century emerged with the well known controversy between Hoyle and Hawking on big bang. It is now known following ECE that neither Hoyle nor Hawking could have been right, because they both neglected torsion and there are considerable doubts concerning Hawking’s approach to science, which seems to be pseudotheological. It is this that led to the idea of big bang. In preparing paper 118 I was most surprised to see how absurd big bang really is, with its plethora of assumptions coming out of the blue. It seems that Penrose has doubts about big bang, but it is easy to show that both are completely incorrect mathematically. It is dangerous to try to set oneself up as an icon in science, which is the study of nature, and the comparison of theory with data. The simpler the theory the better. So after a while, an icon cannot be wrong, and we get dogma pure and unbridled. Unless this situation changes for the better, I would advise student to go into cosmology, a subject which I myself stayed away from for a long time. Education is always of course a good thing, but it has to be correct and meaningful education. All this is very obvious, I cannot imagine a worst fate than hanging on to a theory which i riddled with errors, and also trying to brand those who are correct.