Fwd: 15-30Dec08: Europe


Subject: 15-30Dec08: Europe
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 07:03:50 EST

There was the usual intense European interest in ECE, with some student interest. This level of interest has been monitored daily for almost five years. As usual this is is a small selection, mainly of the higher educational sector.

Univ Linz, City of Geneva, ETH Zurich*, Charles Univ Prague, CVUT Czechia, Palacky Univ., Siemens Company, TU Berlin, Univ Munich, Univ Saarland, Nils Bohr Institute Copenhagen, Univ Pavia, FBK Europe, Univ Poitiers, Univ Savoie, Forthnet Greece, OTE Net, ADSL Hungary, Szeged Univ, RETE Tuscany, European Parliament, IN2IP Netherlands, RU Netherlands, Univ Utrecht, KKI Krakow, Lodz, IFMPAN Poznan, NIPNE Romania, UAB Romania, Kirov Russia, MTU Net Russia, MV Russia, SINOR Russia, Chalmers Univ Sweden, Gotland Sweden, Students Stockholm Univ., students Umea University, Hacettepe Univ Turkey*, KU Turkey, Metu Univ Turkey*, Odessa Ukraine, NTNY Norway, Bristol Univ., students Downing College Cambridge, Economic and Social Research Council of Britain, Univ Manchester, Meirion Dwyfor, St Andrews*, Ceredigion County Council, Staffordhsire County Council, NHS (British National Health Service).

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