Fwd: Legal Injunctions


Subject: Legal Injunctions
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:11:21 EST

I have been asked by the people of Mawr here, and by someone called “The Mole”, to help in opposition of wind turbines. I feel it is time to take out legal injunctions against the landlord and the developers. I feel that that the local Council’s planning committee has already been rigged, because of the recent betrayal by Carmarthen County Council in the Bettws development. I am prepared to try a legal injunction on my own, but it would be better of SOCME and CADW, for example, took out the injunctions in a class action with other gorups. I have been fighting this turbine development for twelve years along with Cllr. Ioan Richards. I run AIAS, whose website is _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . The scientists of AIAS almost all agree that global warming is not human driven, it is clear that there is no correlation between global temperature and carbon dioxide concentration and no justification for wind turbines. The Mynydd y Gwair development is due to the highland clearance type greed of an absentee landlord. It is unanimously opposed by local farmers, and by about 95% of those consulted in a recent poll. I was born and brought up in this area, I speak the Welsh of the area, and am a published poet in both languages. There are many who will witness to the destruction of the Gelliwastad ecology by unauthorized vehicles. The bridle path is for horses only. For generations the local farmers held to this rule, once it was broken, the top soil was eroded and it now flows into houses and on to roads. I use this example to show what devastation will be caused by wind turbines. Only a little top soil damage causes accumulative effects. “Glyn Eithrym” is the name for this valley, after the Celtic St Eithrym. I decided to take the name after being awarded armorial bearings on 7th July. By law of arms, my rank is Gentleman, so in view of the fact that no County Councillor is democratically elected by 50% or more of the electoral register. I have as much right to speak for my own people. Currently I am the only scientist on the British Civil List and the only person from Wales.

British Civil List Scientist

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