Some Comments on Feedback

Subject: Some Comments on Feedback
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 09:31:51 EST

All ECE source papers were read, and all educational articles. Most background notes were read, a large number of Omnia Omnia papers and source documents. These were read off both _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . The combined hits total is the largest in the world at present for a theoretical physics institute and we lead the world now in unified field theory according to one or two search engines. The most read paper this month was the latest papers, number 122, which is a simple demonstration of the fact that the Einsteinian connection has the wrong symmetry. The connection should be anti-symmetric wherever it occurs. The torsion has been placed in central importance in physics, and the forthcoming film, “The Universe of Myron Evans”, will emphasize this central fact of the new physics. The sequel film was discussed yesterday at Craig y Nos Castle and will consist of animations of cosmological features, notably galactic evolution. These will be calculated from ECE field equations as sketched out this morning. So there are no black holes, no bog bang, no dark matter, and no strings or superstrings in nature. We can clear away these obsolete concepts now and return to the long accepted principles of physics: Okham’s Razor (simplicity is preferred) and Bacon’s principle (compare theory with data).

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