Craig y Nos Meeting 29/30 Nov 2008

Subject: Craig y Nos Meeting 29/30 Nov 2008
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 03:19:22 EST

This was a milestone in the history of science, many astronomical data were discussed which show no trace of black holes where one would most expect them. We intend to collect these data and display them on our sites. Kerry’s summary here is as always apt and well balanced. If one attempts to abandon causal realism in natural philosophy, the result is obscurity, the opposite of enlightenment.

Dear All,

It will be great to see the new film.

The discussions on the new cosmology needed for the second film were most illuminating.  How many people can say they met over dinner, to formulate a new theory of the universe!

Please find below the ten milestones of Einsteinian physics, including the work of Peter Debye.

  The Ten Milestones in Einsteinian Physics     Myron’s breakthrough work had been a natural development of Einstein’s work and other great deterministic scientists of the twentieth century.    ·       Ernest Rutherford and Frederick Soddy had done great work at the turn of the twentieth century to allow the structure of the atom to be established.  ·       Einstein and Max Planck had fathered quantum theory and recognized light was made up of quanta.  ·       Erwin Schrödinger had explained the movement of electrons in atoms as being governed by a pilot wave according to his famous Schrödinger equation.  ·       Prince Louis de Broglie had recognized that electrons behaved as waves and their wavelength was a function of their speed.  ·       Einstein had developed Brownian motion to show that atoms exist and this work was further developed at Trinity College Dublin by Coffey and other workers in Aberystwyth, France and Italy and these had worked collaboratively in the Delta Project of the European Molecular Liquids Group (EMLG).  ·       Peter Debye had replaced Einstein as professor of Physics in Zurich University when Einstein moved to Charles University, Prague.  Debye had shown the importance in chemical physics of the polarization of electron bonds in atoms in chemistry and the importance of the dielectric nature of the bond in connection with the absorption of light.  This work was further developed by Professor Mansel Davies and Myron in Aberystwyth and their colleagues in Poland, leading to an understanding of the effect of light on the rotation of molecules and the formation of the new branch of physics known as non linear optics. ·       Peter Debye’s discussions with Schrödinger in Zurich enabled Schrödinger to formulate his great wave equation.  Schrödinger went on to continue his great work in deterministic physics in Princeton with Einstein, before becoming the Director of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Study. ·       Einstein had sought to prove the Copenhagen School of thought was wrong using his thought experiment the Einstein- Podolsky- Rosen (EPR) Experiment.  Podolsky went on to work at Xavier University with Professor John Hart who organized the famous Deterministic Physics Conference in 1962.  John Hart became a founding member of the Alpha Institute for Advanced Study.  ·       On their train journey back to Paris after the 1927 Solvay Conference, the younger Prince Louis de Broglie was charged by Einstein to fight the cause of deterministic physics from his Paris base.  This de Broglie did and especially so in his later years with his great assistant Vigier.  Vigier and Myron went on to write a series of books together entitled ‘The Enigmatic Photon’.  ·       Einstein had been obsessed with the nature of light during his time in Zurich.  Myron had also been obsessed with the nature of light in Aberystwyth, which he studied through the medium of far infra red spectroscopy.  Years later, working with a team of chemical physicists in Einstein’s Zurich, Myron made the breakthrough that gave a better understanding of Einstein’s photon.  ·       Einstein and Elie Cartan had collaborated to attempt to dock the curvature of space with the torsion of electromagnetism.  In 2003 Myron completed the process with Einstein-Cartan-Evans (ECE) Theory.   Thrilled to have been part of the groundbreaking conference.   Best Wishes   Kerry



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I suggest we set the meeting for 4PM at the castle so that horst and i will have  time to check in, have some lunch and a little rest before we get together. —– Original Message —–

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