Corrigenda to Note 124(1)

Subject: Corrigenda to Note 124(1)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 06:53:34 EST

Eq .(2) should be g = (ck / V) J where V is a volume, and eq. (4) is

del J = (4 pi ckGR / V) ———– (1)

which is an orbital equation in the limit of zero spin connection. In general:

del J = (4 pi ck (R – omega T) / V) —————– (2)

with J = cVT / k

T = k J / (cV)

Therefore eq. (2) is a differential equation in J which can be integrated and animated to give orbits of all kinds for inputted R and omega as models. A circular orbit with constant orbital velocity and constant distance between the sun and a planet, for example, gives:

J = mrv = constant

del J = 0


R = omega T

Then there are elliptical orbits of the Kepler laws, the relativistic Kepler orbits, the binary pulsar orbits and the constant v galactic orbits. These are all described by a given combiation of R, omega and T without any use of dark matter or gravitational radiation.

The ECE description is therefore preferred by the philosophy of general relativity, and by Okham’s Razor, over the hugely complicated and ad hoc standard description.

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