Fundamental Flaws in Wind Turbine Planning

Subject: Fundamental Flaws in Wind Turbine Planning
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 09:56:28 EST

Dear Prof. Evans,

Attached is a communication from our Mole.

Kind regards, Steve Crothers.

There are many fundamental scientific flaws in wind turbine development and this document outlines a few of them. I urge the Assembly to reverse policy and dismantle the wind turbines already constructed, halt all projects that are overwhelmingly opposed (the most fiercely opposed project is Mynydd y Gwair), and finance research into other forms of energy production. In addition the Assembly should pass a Land Act to outlaw absentee land ownership and carefully protect areas in which the Welsh language is used. There is overwhelming international support for the language, which is in danger of extinction by uncontrolled immigration and harmful wind turbine projects. The two most fundamental flaws in wind turbines, in addition to intermittency, are as follows.

1) There is no human made global warming, it is a natural phenomenon in which a slight amount of heating (if it is taking place) is not correlated at all with carbon dioxide concentration. The whole theory of human made global warming is demonstrably incorrect, and has been propagated for unscientific reasons.

2) Wind turbine production is not anywhere near sufficient to replace conventional production, and if conventional power stations are shut down, there will be a disaster. The politicians have been warned about this many times, for example the Darmstadt Declaration on _www.socme.org_ ( .

Heavy industrialization of upland areas of pristine beauty will degrade the quality of life for no scientific purpose. In the Mynydd y Gwair fiasco the plans are driven by the greed of an absentee landowner, and for no other reason at all. What is at stake here is democracy and culture. This is no longer merely an issue of wind turbines, it is an assault on the People. Those responsible should be heavily criticised and voted out of office.

British Civil List Scientist

Attachment: GWLAD ALLIANCE.doc

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