The Fallacy of the CERN Experiment

Subject: Fwd: The Fallacy of the CERN Experiment
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:15:52 EDT

This is a good idea, my sonnet sequence “False Philosophers Fall” in “Autobiography – Sonnets” (Arima) (_www.aias.us_ ( ) is what I anticipated back in the early eighties.

The plan for paper 120 has developed very nicely and the paper will highlight the fallacy of the CERN experiment (and big bang, black holes etc). The standard model is in melt down – just like the global economy. Perhaps this is what happens when greed and ignorance is allowed to form the basis of “success” rather than accuracy and objective fairness – eventually it implodes and disintegrates of its own accord. Using your introduction to paper 120 Myron, perhaps you could develop a statement, in lay person terms, explaining the fallacy of the CERN experiment etc to bring pressure to bear on the powers that be to stop the spread of scientific misinformation and the associated waste of public money. You have an exceptional literary gift and are best placed to write a popular statement of this type on the fallacy of the CERN experiment and the myths of Big Bang and Black Holes etc. The statement could be copied onto the sleeve of the DVD of your new film and distributed with it. It could also be circulated to all the journals and popular press etc. The statement will probably not be published by them but at least it can be recorded for posterity on the various websites etc and will circulate with the film.

Just a thought,Best, Gareth

Many thanks again to Dr Horst Eckardt! These results show beyond doubt that the use of the symmetric connection in the obsolete physics is incorrect, because it leads to a violation of the dual identity of geometry. In general the connection must be asymmetric. Therefore the line elements used in black hole and big bang theory are geometrically incorrect, leading to meaningless results. The expenditure at CERN is based on incorrect mathematics. In addition, it has come to my attention that CERN funding is being used for corrupt purposes, such as bringing a complete choir to Geneva at public expense – this must cost about ten thousand pounds. A Parliamentary Enquiry is needed into this organized fraud and misuse of public funds. In addition there has been an organized attempt to suppress ECE theory – which by our site feedback analysis is the leading unified field theory at present, and to suppress valid criticism such as those by Dunning-Davies and Crothers. I cannot get any reply from people like Hawking or Rees on these important issues. Sir Fred Hoyle was indeed right, big bang is complete rubbish and black holes do not exist. Society now has a major problem of being pounded by garbage. People do not have the technical ability to understand any of this stuff, and are being made to believe anything.

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Meanwhile we can produce metrical analyses by assembly line… For comparison (see my other mail) I added the results for the spherically symmetric line element. The document a-r.pdf contains the so-called Schwarzschild metric enhanced by a term a/r. For a=0 you obtain a vacuum metric as expected. Interestingly, the Finkelstein metric is a true vacuum metric (Ric=0 etc.).. The Kruskal coordinates are tricky. The coordinates are (v,u,theta,phi), but additionally there is a “r” coordinate which is not independent but defined implicitly by v and u. Therefore one cannot handle it analytically. I introduced r as a function r(v,u). Then all terms can be calculated with derivatives of r with respect to v and u. Although this metric is derived from a vacuum metric, it is not a vacuum metric at all. It would be one if all derivatives of r would vanish, but this is not possible by definition of r.


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To begin paper 120, it would be possible to test these exotic coordinate transformations of black hole theory with Maxima: notably the Eddington Finkelstein coordinates (7.68) and the Kruskal coordinates (7.79). From a glance at this publicly available chapter by Carroll, black hole theory is total nonsense from the outset.

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