The Dirac Metric

Subject: The Dirac Metric
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 06:46:50 EDT

This appears in Jeremy’s book, and Horst tested it against the dual identity. It was found to be a complete fiasco, not even obeying the Ricci cyclic (so called “first Bianchi identity”). I think we could also show this in paper 120. I don’t know what Dirac was trying to do here, I think it was also to do with the singularities. So this subject area is a mess, and I recommend students to go into other subject areas of physics, chemistry, engineering or similar, i.e. to do something useful for society. Do not swallow pronouncements as if they come from marble. I have never been impressed by reputation or the fact that someone works somewhere which is proclaimed to be terribly important.

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