So called Schwarzschild contradicted by galactic dynamics

Subject: Paper 120 : So called Schwarzschild contradicted by galactic dynamics
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 06:16:14 EDT

As a result of paper 119 it can be seen that the misnamed Schwarzschild metric is severely contradicted by galactic dynamics, in which the orbit of the sun around the centre of the Milky Way is not described by the so called SM. Therefore the latter is in general incorrect. To describe galactic orbits one needs ECE theory as in paper 119. The field equation approach, rather than the geodesic approach, is needed. The geodesic approach is sufficient only for solar system dynamics, and even then there are Pioneer / Cassini anomalies. In binary pulsars, the geodesic approach begins to fail, and as shown in papers 108 and 111 the use of a symmetric metric becomes self contradictory. So in fact, there is no line element known that can self consistently describe all aspects of cosmology. There is no point in waffling around with “dark matter”. The only known self consistent description of cosmology is the ECE field equation description. Standard physics is obsolete, self-inconsistent, and a total failure.

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