Final Returns for, August 2008

Subject: Final Returns for, August 2008
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 03:45:44 EDT

These were 51,527 hits from 7,887 visitors, reading 521 documents, downloading 4.104 gigabytes of material from _www.aias.us_ ( . There were visitors from 74 countries, led by USA, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Taiwan, South Africa, …………… All ECE papers and educational articles and books were read, and a large percentage of the Omnia Opera and historical source documents. This level of intense interest has been sustained since I started taking daily records in April 2004. Shortly about six hundred further documents will be posted on the site, consisting of my background notes for each paper, each note consisting of detailed ides and calculations. The paper are the final versions of the notes. Readers have found the notes that got on to the blog to be especially helpful. So we decided to collect them and make them freely available on the site. The educational articles are being found to be of great use by students who wish to obtain an outline knowledge of ECE. An in depth knowledge of ECE requires the necessary mathematical skills and insights in physics, and I estimate that about five or six scholars now have these skills. I estimate that only a few hundred people in the world have the skills to understand general relativity in its Einsteinian version. When one starts to factor in the complexities of string theory and so forth it is seen that the number of people who really understand the standard physics is very small.

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