Feedback Activity

Subject: Feedback Activity
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:50:04 EDT

July 2008 continues a trend of steady and intense interest in the _www.aias.us_ ( site. As usual, essentially all its contents are being studied worldwide across a spectrum of leading universities, corporations, research institutes, government departments, military facilities, organizations and by thousands of individual scholars every month. On a purely scholarly level this is optimal interest in a unified field theory which is actually being used already for engineering. Particularly notable this month is the number of leading household name corporations visiting the site. It is also important that the number of educational articles in the list of top hundred most read articles is about the same now as the number of source papers. Patents are being applied for in ECE Technologies. Finally, cyberstalkers and harassers have been given a formal warning for criminal activity by a leading barrister, and cannot be considered as scientists. Therefore ECE has been accepted worldwide as a new school of thought in physics, and makes the standard physics obsolete. Both types of physics can be taught in schools and universities.

On a personal level I am very happy with the unprecedented impact that AIAS and ECE have made, and now we have been joined by TGA.

Civil List Scientist, Executive President AIAS, Chairman and Executive Director TGA, Director and Senior Scientist Steriwave Plc., Executive Director ECE Tech Ltd.

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