Commissioning Artwork

Subject: Commissioning Artwork
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 13:27:32 EDT

I decided to commission a pen drawing from Naomi Bunker, my idea here is to commission portrait drawings and maybe a portrait from leading artists in Wales because I am the only Civil List Pensioner from Wales and have a duty to help represent in any small way I can the rich landscape of science, the arts and literature in Wales, in both languages. Then the drawings can be posted in the _www.aias.us_ ( site along with my armorial ensigns when ready about end of August. The date of the letters patent was July 7th., we are waiting for the artist to paint the ensigns by hand, and the scribe to word the letters patent on vellum. If I can afford it one day I will myself commission a bronze head from Naomi Bunker, whose partner, Ian Hinton, built a thirty five ton decorative wall here at home from local stone – in the traditional walling style. A head in bronze by Naomi Bunker is 2,800 pounds, a complete bronze statue around 14,000 pounds – which would be offered to the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth, founded by Lloyd-George. If one of the companies of which I am director does well I could perhaps afford this patronage of the arts one day. After UNCC I was entirely without salary for twelve years, so know how tough it can be for new thinkers these days, which are among the most philistine days in history.

Glyn Eithrym

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