Bronze Sculpture

Subject: Bronze Sculpture
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 10:12:14 EDT

I was just informed by telephone that the cost of a bronze head by Naomi Bunker is about 2,200 pounds now, because of the rising cost of copper in bronze. A head and houlders etc would of course be proportionally higher and if this idea is made into reality, the National Library of Wales would be most appropriate. This is just me doing my bit for struggling local artists. A London or NYC sculptor would charge anything up to a hundred thousand pounds for a bronze statue. That’s how the art world is. Poets of course get next to nothing, even the supremely lyrical voice of R.S. Thomas would sell only a few hundred copies in the English language, spoken by a thousand million people. This contrast with Ceiriog in the last century, who would sell tens of thousands of books in the Welsh language, spoken by about a million people only. This is telling us something about philistinism in modern times.

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