Lion Rampant Or

This is the main element of the arms of Rhys ap Gruffydd, Prince of Deheubarth, and ancestor of Henry VII Tudor as attached. Lion Rampant Or is Norman French for golden lion rampant. The Government has allowed me to use this element as the main element of my own arms. These arms mark my appointment to the Civil List in 2005 by Parliament for pre eminent contributions to Britain and the Commonwealth in science. This reflects very well on all the colleagues at AIAS and SG and many other colleagues and friends over the years. The two Dragons rampant respectant are from the arms of University of Aberystwyth (in my time University College of Wales Aberystwyth). The Norman Helm affronty Or marks descent on the distaff side from the Norman Lord of Pontgwilym in present day Brecon, Sir Walter Havard or Havre de Grace, from whom the sometime Bishop of St David, the Rt. Rev. Dr. William Thomas Havard, was also descended. The Garb of Hay Argent means a sheaf of hay in silver, and marks the fact that my father was a hill farmer and coal miner. The overall theme is peace and good will to all Nations, reflecting the St. David’s Day message sent out from the children of Wales to the children of the world every year.


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