"Exact Solutions in General Relativity"

Subject: Fwd: “Exact Solutions in General Relativity”
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 11:54:25 EDT

On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 11:05:43AM -0400, EMyrone] at [aol.com wrote: > To Dave Feustel > > If one googles this entry there is a Wikipedia page > with thirty six sub-pages describing various exact solutions which can be run > through the Maxima code. We already evaluated several of them in paper 93, > but there are new ones here. I am particularly interested in > > 1) The rotating vacuum Ozvath Schucking solution > 2) AdS black hole. > > The former in cartesian coordinates is: > > ds squared = -2((x squared – y squared) cos (2f) – 2 x y sin (2f)) c > squared dt squared > + dx squared + dy squared – 2 dt dz > > The latter in spherical polar coordinates is > > ds squared = -((kr) squared + 1 – C / r) c squared dt squared + 1 /(((kr) > squared + 1 – C / r)) dr squared > + r squared d cap omega squared > > We should see whether these survive the tests of the Maxima code, in > particualr the dual identity test. You could gradually go through all of these > solutions. Probably they will all fail the dual identity test with teh possible > exception of the vacuum solutions.


Thanks for the wiki pointer. The 2nd edition of the CUPS book sells for $140. Would the wiki entry on exact solutions serve as a substitute for the CUPS book?

Thanks, Dave

Yes these would be sufficient, plus my notes extracted from the CUP book in acuplinelements.pdf. I am sure that Dr Eckardt will help you with the computations. It is essentially simply a matter of putting the metric matrix elemenst in as input parameters. We don’t want to give these fellows too many royalties.

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