EPL G20767

Subject: Fwd: EPL G20767
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 02:00:46 EDT

If Tucker has anything to do with Hehl this explains the conspiracy. They will not give Crothers a fair hearing. Hehl is completely biased against ECE theory and unable even to understand the Bianchi identity. So this is beyond doubt a small faction which refuses to accept Bacon’s principle that a theory must be tested against data, not against another theory. There is simply an anthropomorphic bias against Crothers. If Rees and Hawking have no objections I will put them on my BCC list along with a few other FRS’s.

It should. You may be surprised to learn that the editor Prof. Tucker has published many articles on torsion but obviously in the standard model approach.

2008/5/30 :

> Again this is malfeasance, and again this paper can be posted on > http://www.aias.us. > > > ———- Mensaje reenviado ———- > > > david.bensimon] at [lps.ens.fr, erminald.bertel] at [uibk.ac.at, canadell] at [icmab.es, > leticia] at [lpt.ens.fr, fauve] at [lps.ens.fr, fazio] at [sns.it, fortov] at [ras.ru, > fortov] at [ficp.ac.ru, g.gehring] at [shef.ac.uk, havlin] at [ophir.ph.biu.ac.il, > fhimpsel] at [wisc.edu, plamen] at [buphy.bu.edu, pmjacobs] at [lbl.gov, > anders.kastberg] at [physics.umu.se, kotliar] at [physics.rutgers.edu, > lambrecht] at [spectro.jussieu.fr, lazaro] at [vdg.fis.puc-rio.br, > leger] at [lps.u-psud.fr, levi] at [roma3.infn.it, maciej.lewenstein] at [icfo.es, > hrma] at [sjtu.edu.cn, atmol1] at [tifr.res.in, frederic.mila] at [epfl.ch, > mcp1] at [cam.ac.uk, pegoraro] at [df.unipi.it, racz] at [general.elte.hu, > reimann] at [physik.uni-bielefeld.de, sawatzky] at [physics.ubc.ca, > c.m.schneider] at [fz-juelich.de, useifert] at [theo2.physik.uni-stuttgart.de, > sauro.succi] at [gmail.com, htakagi] at [k.u-tokyo.ac.jp, treumann] at [issibern.ch, > treumannr] at [gmail.com, robin.tucker] at [lancaster.ac.uk, d.vanmaekelbergh] at [uu.nl, > luis.vina] at [uam.es, rudiger.voss] at [cern.ch, patrick.warren] at [unilever.com, > zelevinsky] at [nscl.msu.edu, zelevins] at [nscl.msu.edu, fuchun] at [hkucc.hku.hk, > markus.schwoerer] at [uni-bayreuth.de, mceh] at [bluewin.ch, oleandri] at [sif.it, > quilbe] at [edpsciences.org, andrew.wray] at [iop.org, graeme.watt] at [iop.org >
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 20:34:27 +1000 >
Subject: Re: EPL G20767 > > The Editorial Board and Directors, > EuroPhysics Letters, > > Please explain what you mean by this vague statement. Please specify what > it is in my paper that makes it “*not fit the scope*” of your journal. In > particular, specify and prove any technical errors in my paper. The > statements on the mission of your Journal, on your website, make it pretty > clear that my paper *does* fall within the scope of your Journal, so I do > not believe that Caroline Orbann and Professor Robin W. Tucker have been > honest. The relevant paper is attached. > > *”Our vision is for EPL to become a leading home for global physics > letters, to offer rapid publication of ground-breaking physics results from > the international community, and to provide the broadest coverage of physics > research.”* > > * > https://www.epletters.net/4DCGI/_general&presentation/-1/0/0/0/0/0/083493622 > * > > > Yours faithfully, > Stephen J. Crothers. > > > On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 5:42 PM, wrote: > >> >> Title: Point-Mass singularities, energy and the two-body problem in >> general relativity >> Author(s): S.J. Crothers >> >> >> Dear Dr. Crothers, >> >> >> Thank you for submitting your paper to EPL (Europhysics Letters). >> >> The Co-Editor, Professor Robin W. Tucker, has read carefully your paper >> and came to the conclusion that >> it does not fit the scope of our jounal, and therefore cannot be >> considered for publication, >> but you might wish to seek publication in a more specialized journal. >> >> >> Yours sincerely, >> >> >> on behalf of Professor Robin W. Tucker >> >> Caroline Orbann >> Editorial Assistant >> >> > >

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