Relativistic Correction to the Coriolis Acceleration

Subject: Relativistic Correction to the Coriolis Acceleration
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 07:41:24 EDT

I will send out note 111(1) on the mathematical background of the Coriolis and centripetal accelerations. The relativistic correction in the precession of the Foucault pendulum depends on the Coriolis acceleration of the Earth. The precession is a rotation with time of the plane of the pendulum. The Thomas correction to this precession can be observed at Nijmegen. The Lense Thirring effect is essentially a relativistic correction that involves the Coriolis and centripetal accelerations but worked out with a rotating so called Schwarzschild metric. The approach to these rotational effects should be re-worked entirely self-consistently with the ECE field equations, (gravitomagnetic equations). In papers 110 and 111 I am developing a first approach based on a rotated line element for various metrics. Following papers 93 to 110 no physical conclusion can be reached from the incorrect geomerty of the EH equation. This is the strongest argument against Big Bang.

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