Lense Thirring Effect

Subject: Lense Thirring Effect
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 04:36:17 EDT

I think I will plan paper 111 on this effect using the rotation of non-Minkowski line elements. In paper 93 general line elements were considered by computer algebra, including one given by Stephen Crothers, which was found to be mathematically correct within its terms of definition. In fact we found that all of Steve’s work was correct, while one of the much vaunted Kerr metrics was incorrect in that it did not obey the Ricci cyclic (so called first Banchi of the standard model). Another less general metric is given by Carroll, and the others such as so called Schwarzschild are exact solutions of EH. Each of these can be rotated as in paper 110 to give an experimentally observable precession. Brill and Cohen in 1966 used the rotation of so called Schwarzschild to give the Lense Thirring effect. However all treatments of LT to date have used Christoffel connections. As shown in paper 110 this is self inconsistent because rotation generates a non-Christoffel gamma connection and a non-zero torsion. The Christoffel torsion is always zero. Then in paper 112 I plan to develop the diagonal tetrad factorization of the metric.

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