March 2008 Feedback Activity for

Subject: March 2008 Feedback Activity for
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 03:40:05 EDT

There are three feedback sites for _www.aias.us_ ( , these provide all kinds of detailed feedback information, and are password protected. The feedback is available only to a small number of responsible people to prevent link spamming. I give two weekly summaries and short monthly summaries such as this. In March 2008 there were 47,515 files downloaded (“hits”) from 8,403 individual visitors in 73 countries, led by USA, Britain, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Canada, ……. These visitors read 711 documents. The top ten most read documents and items were: 43, Spanish translation of “Space Energy” by Horst Eckardt, 94, 67, 106, Johnson Magnets, Munich Workshop history slides, “Crystal Spheres” by Kerry Pendergast, filtered statistics summary file, Spanish translation of “Galaxies” by Horst Eckardt. The numbers refer to ECE papers. Those with access to the username and password can see all 711 articles by clicking on “view all URL’s”, a footnote to the URL table which summarizes the top hundred articles on ( a website designed and built by Dave Burleigh, President of Annexa, Rochester, New York State.

I have been following this feedback in all detail daily for about four years, and by now it is well known to have established AIAS as the leading theoretical physics institute in the world in terms of feedback activity. I suggested to the Royal Swedish Academy that it update its antiquated system of awarding Nobel Prizes to take acount of the actual impact of a theory such as ECE.

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