Rest of Paper 109

Subject: Rest of Paper 109
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:51:19 EDT

This will consist of another type of proof that EH is self-inconsistent, starting from the computer algebra result and proving that this implies:

D sub mu T tilde sup kappa mu nu := R sub kappa sub mu sup mu nu ———- (1)

for any connection and metric, without even having to assume metric compatibility. This is a more general proof even than that of Cartan geometry, because it is true without having to assume metric compatibility and even without having to assume the tetrad postulate. The computer algebra of paper 93 showed that for a Christoffel connection and for exact solutions of EH, the RHS of (1) is non-zero, but for the same Christoffel connection the LHS of eq. (1) is rigorously zero. So the EH geometry cannot be true, and we need a more general connection and metric. Any physical conclusion based on an incorrect geometry is also incorrect, so in papers 93 onwards my co-authors and myself have been developing a correct relativity theory based on a self consistent geometry, with simple and powerful results. The proof of paper 109 will use only the commutator of covariant derivatives for any connection. In my opinion, professional scientists urgently need to move on from the standard model, which is becoming wholly unscientific, with standard model journals (yesterday’s note from Stephen Crothers) printing wild and weird claims of laboratory manufactured black holes ending the world and so on, and standard model journals openly censoring any new ideas that threaten their public funding. This is the very antithesis of the Baconian method and is making a laughing stock of Baconian science. It is clear that if the general public is being made to swallow this kind of hyper-expensive garbage, we are not progressing. In fact we are degenerating into mythology of the worst kind. In the art world the same kind of thing is happening, a sculpture can be claimed to be nothing at all, it is obviously there if the public would only understand the artist’s expensive tastes, and a painting is likewise a blank canvas. Music can be soundless if only the public had the ears to listen.

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