Paper 107 Section 3 & 4

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 06:52:28 EDT


thanks, I will look into this. An alternative setup may be to bring two homopolar generators in direct contact instead of using a belt (if I understand Tesla’s design correctly). Then only one direction of the magnetic field is required and current flows back to the axis in the second generator due to its reversed direction of rotation.


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Betreff: Paper 107 Section 3 & 4

Horst & Myron,

Here are my additional input for paper 107. I think I still need a little more work on it, but I would like your input both on the electron trajectory mathematical part.

I know there will be a curving nature to the accelerative state of the electron’s path…I think I might still need to add this to our study. Right now, I’m just doing the math for a straight path of a particle.

Ok, I hope things are well with you both. Also, I need more time for the engineering part of the business proposal. Please give me more time.

Thanks, Franklin

These are also important ideas. At present these ideas are open because we are discussing a scientific paper, but in due course we expect that they will be patented and receive industry certification, so will then be obviously commercial in confidence to one of our group of companies.

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