Double Pulsar Powerpoint

Subject: Fwd: Double Pulsar Powerpoint
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 06:36:12 EDT

Attachment: Double pulsar 2.pdf

Dear Myron,

Please find attached a powerpoint produced at Jodrell Bank on the Double Pulsar.


These data are very useful, and many thanks again to Kerry. Perhaps Horst and Kerry can fit some of these data for section 5 of paper 108. This powerpoint presentation confirms that no gravitational fields have been observed by LIGO, leaving ECE as teh only self-consistent theory of binary pulsars, and indeed fo cosmology and gravitational relativity. Our computer algebra has shown (papers 93 onwards) that the use of the Christoffel symbol is inconsitent with the Bianchi identity as given by Cartan:

D ^ T := R ^ q and D ^ T tilde := R tilde ^ q

These two expressions are essentially expressions of the same identity, and lead to the homogeneous and inhomogeneous field equations of ECE theory.

The inconsistency is fundamental and irreparable in the standard model, and is due to the Einstein Hilbert geometry itself, which is:

R ^ q = 0, T = 0, T tilde = 0

but our computer algebra showed that R tilde ^ q is NOT zero in general for exact solutions of EH which all use the Christoffel connection. At present the standard model fellows are trying to ignore, harass and censor us in order to keep their funding. However the great majority of professional scientists worldwide have accepted our results. We see this daily from feedback to _www.aias.us_ ( . The standard model fellows are actually in a small minority and regarded in an increasingly critical way by the profession.

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