Plans for Paper 100 Section 9

Subject: Plans for Paper 100 Section 9
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 12:14:13 EST

This section will summarize the advances made by ECE theory and also summarize the criticisms of the standard model. I think I will use the comparison table of ECE versus standard model which is currently on _www.aias.us_ ( and add to it. There are few concepts of the twentieth century standard model of physics that remain intact. I think that the only twentieth century concepts that still remain are special relativity, the basic idea that physics is geometry, the causaly interpreted and objective Dirac and Schrodinger equations as limiting forms of ECE, and some parts of electroweak and quark theory. The main twentieth century concepts that are no longer valid include: the Einstein Hilbert equation, electrodynamics as a theory of special relativity, all unified field theories based on a U(1) electrodynamic sector, Big Bang, black hole theory, dark matter theory, string theory, QED and QCD, Higgs boson theory and all their subsidiary concepts such as renormalization, spontaneous symmetry breaking, asymptotic freedom, quark confinement, and so forth. Also gone is the stadnard model interpretation of the Aharonov Bohm effects and related concepts. As can be seen from this morning’s lecture to Physica Scripta on the elementary aspects of the Lorentz transform, the journal editing and refereeing system has also beeen heavily criticised. More broadly, the idea of judging impact by journal citation has been made obsolete by real time feedback software. If journals censor good work and publish garbage, as they do, then journal citations also come under doubt as a valid method of judgement. I don’t think that legisaltures can be at all happy with this lamentable state of affairs, so as Jeremy Dunning Davies and others suggest, shoudl be heavily lobbied with criticisms. The positive aspects of ECE abound, and it has been an astounding success. Similarly hadronic physics as come up with major advances of its own. To ridicule now means that counter criticism will be certain adn quick in coming. So I hope that intellectuals of physics will begin to think about htese new advances and not be influenced by ridicule. The latter is the time honoured noise made by empty vessels. It happens from generation to generation because human natiure does not change. No wonder that Mr Bush wants to cut back public funding for obsolete concepts that cost billions, and for such arrogant elitism in society.

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