The Exact Point of Fraud

Subject: Notes1 : The Exact Point of Fraud
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 02:28:29 EDT

The exact point of fraud by Bruhn is shown in notes1. It occurs when he deliberately misrepresents the frame of reference and uses instead the vector x sup mu. It is trivial to show that the frame of reference itself is Lorentz invariant, so is the B Cyclic Theroem QED (quod erat demonstrandum, which is Latin for “that which has been shown”). As my cousin Ffloyd Havard would put it, he has been caught flat footed. In all his vile abuse adn sarcasm, there are exact points of fraud like this and it is very easy to find them. The Annalen editor Hehl is implicated, because he cites this fraud. Unfortunately, this is what the standard model has sunk to. I think is is necesary now for AIAS to referee its work and use the computer to check it, then publish it direct to the scientists adn let them decide. I am very happy with the overwhelmingly positive international response to my ECE papers and Omnia Opera (Latin for “all works”). No scholar could ask for more. Ffloyd was three times British boxing champion and Londsdale Belt winner outright.

Gloria mundis gloria mentis est.

British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA

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