note for paper 94

Subject: Fwd: note for paper 94
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:26:27 EDT

Eq. (28) looks very good, and perhaps can be graphed. In general I think that this is the right method, to look at the equations systematically for each device. The governing equations are the same but each device is different. I will make a start on writing up paper 94 tomorrow and also include the two technical appendices which reduce the equations to vector form and work out the meaning of the index a. Thne for a given device and given configuration the circuitry can be optimized to give maximum resonance.

In this note I tried to give some systematic method how to describe SCR of electromagnetic devices. Maybe this is beyond the scope of paper 94. It would be sufficient to take over the “modelling” section. Unfortunately it seems to be difficult to find a simplified model of the Bedini device where all variables can be determined from the model equations. Perhaps I will tomorrow write out for comparison the other method I did not describe in the note. The equations probably have to be solved numerically. I proved the manipulation of the equations by Maxima.


Attachment: Bedini-note7.pdf

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