Condemnation of e Mail Abuse of AIAS

Subject: Condemnation of e Mail Abuse of AIAS
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 02:03:45 EDT

I wholly agree with the mole and the suspect is clear as in yesterday’s events. This harasser and vile abuser hides behind pseudonyms and is also ethnically prejudiced aganst the Welsh People. Such ethnic prejudice does not exist in the US, and would never have come from a US native. Thsi is because half the Signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Welsh descent and five out of the six of the first Presidents, including the greatest of all: Thomas Jefferson. So we all hope that the police can bring this person to trial, justice must be seen to be done. In Pennsylvania the Welsh influence is well known, particularly Philadelphia. No native Pennsylvanian would ever have sunk as low as this.

British Civil List Scientist,

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA

Dear Prof. Evans,

Here is a note from the Mole.

Yours faithfully, Steve Crothers. _________________________________

To whoever is todustreturneth] at [

Copy to thenarmis] at [

Dear Coward To Dust Returneth, I know nothing of science or what the “ECE” Theory is. Surely people can suggest theories in the scientific world, whether they are right or wrong. The history of Science throws up many a failed theory. I spotted your foul rude comments whilst searching the internet. However, I do know manners, and you seem to be devoid of manners and a very small minded pathetic little wretch who will one day return as ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Let’s hope that when that day comes they will bury your foul mouthed rudeness with you deep in sour clay.

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