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August 30, 2007

Spin Notes

August 30, 2007

Appendix 5 of Paper 93

August 30, 2007

Subject: Appendix 5 of Paper 93
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 10:03:24 EDT

This gives the Christoffel symbols and Riemann elements and the final result is equation (E42), the exact Coulomb law. This is similar to a previsus calculation in volume 2, but is now fully exact. There is a small relativistic correction to the Coulomb law of the same order as that responsible for light deflection due to gravity (delta). In fact the Coulomb law is

del dot E = – phi delta x / r squared,

where x = ( 1 – 2GM /(r c squared) ) power minus one


delta = 4 G M / (r c squared)

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Meaning of the a index

August 30, 2007

Subject: Paper 93 Appendix 4 : Meaning of the a index
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:15:40 EDT

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This appendix develops the meaning of the a index, one of the mathematical advances of ECE is the realization that the electromagnetic field is a vector valued two-form, not a scalar valued two-form as in Maxwell Heaviside field theory. This advance is necessary before Maxwell Heaviside field theory can be unified with the theory of gravitation and the whole theory made generally covariant as needed by general relativity. The a index has a simple and clear meaning, it represents the superimposition of a coordinate system on another, for example the complex circular on the cartesian, thus describing a plane wave. See also Donald Reed in ACP, vol. 119(3) (2001) or Brian Silver, “Irreducible Tensorial Methods” (Academic, 1976). The complete field in this case superimposes ((1), (2), (3)) on (X, Y, Z). One can also impose a coordinate system on itself, in spherical polar this is (1, 2, 3) on (1, 2, 3).

Readers are no doubt aware of the attempts by F. W. Hehl to deliberately confuse and obscure this simple deduction.

Now I am ready for the final Appendix 5, which works out the non-vanishing Christoffel symbols, Riemann elements, etc of the general spherically symmetric metric in four dimensions, giving full details not easily available in the literature. These are needed for the precise Coulomb law (see previous notes for paper 93).

Vector Notation

August 30, 2007

Subject: Appendix 3 of Paper 93: Vector Notation
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 04:13:17 EDT

This appendix gives the Coulomb and Ampere Maxwell laws in generally covariant unified field theory and in the spherical polar coordinates used in gravitational theory. In these and any coordinates the ECE laws have the same vector form as their Maxwell Heaviside equivalents, but the charge density and current density are expanded in Riemann elements in the weak field torsion free limit of Einstein Hilbert theory. More genrally gravitational torsion affects the results. It is assumed from NASA Cassini that gravitational torsion i snegligible in the solar system, but in galaxies it dominates. Any system or systems of coordinates can be used. Usually, classical electrodynamics is developed in cartesian, and gravitational theory in spherical polar. I have used spherical polar here for the unified field equations. The complex circular coordinate system can also be used, or any coordinate system. It is seen that in regions of curved spacetime, all the electrodynamical properties of light are changed, e.g. polarization, as observed experimentally in light grazing a white dwarf. The B(3) spin field is defined in complex circular coordinate system (see Brian Silver, “Irreducible Tensorial Methods”, Academic, 1976) and many papers and books on _www.aias.us_ ( Omnia Opera.

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Updated book on ECE Theory and Relativity

August 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: for posting on AIAS sites: Updated book on ECE Theory and Relativity
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 01:36:35 EDT

Many thanks again!

I have uploaded this new document.

On 8/29/07, EMyrone] at [ wrote: > > > This is developing into a really good, positive looking, book by Kerry > Pendergast, and in preprint form it has already attracted a great deal of > interest internationally. Kerry was a member of Sir John Thomas’s group at > Aberystwyth and earned a Master’s degree. He is now the science master at > West Monmouth School in Pontypool in Gwent and his work has been featured in > “The Times Educational Supplerment” and in the BBC Programme “The Sky at > Night”, presented by Patrick Moore, the longest running TV programme of all. > I would recommend this for publication by Abramis / Arima, which gives prime > royalty reates at 25%, and allows authors to keep copyright. > > Civil List Scientist, > > cc Welsh Assembly and Institute for Welsh Affairs > > > ———- Forwarded message ———- > > >
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 09:24:20 +0000 (GMT) >
Subject: Updated book on ECE Theory and Relativity > > Dear Myron, > > Please find attached the updated book on ECE Theory and Relativity. > > Best Wishes > > Kerry > >

A Summary by Kerry Pendergast

August 30, 2007

Subject: A Summary by Kerry Pendergast
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 02:03:46 EDT

This is a precise summary by Kerry Pendergast of the reasons behind ECE theory, which emerged from the causal realist thinking of Einstein, de Broglie, Schrodinger, Bohm, Vigier and followers. There is irrefutable experimental evidence now that indeterminacy is incorrect by orders of magnitude. There is a deep split in the world of physics between the proletariat (editors, one or two conservative institutes and so on) and the workers and intellectuals. One notorious example is arXiv, which has tried to censor the development of ECE theory, and another is the Institute of Physics. These have been overwhelmed by the huge amount of interest in ECE among working scientists worlwide, who are ignoring the people who try to control thought and funding in physics. This is why legislatures worldwide should be very cautious about how to fund science these days. In my opinion the following subjects should not be funded: string theory, dark matter theory, black hole theory, Big Bang theory, renormalization, spontaneous symmetry breaking, asymptotic freedom and Higgs theory. The latter is enormously expensive because the fabled holy grail, the Higgs boson, was not found at LEP and the heavy hadron collider at CERN has been delayed until 2008, at huge expense. As Kerry mentions, the data can be cooked to give the impression of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson. It would be far more useful if this money could be diverted to chemistry and engineering, medicine and genertics, where it is badly needed. In Wales several physics and chemistryu departments need to be re-opened, notably chemistry at UW Aberystwyth, Wales’ premier college. We have also seen some appalling conduct from the proletariat, and in one or two cases the South Wales police have decided to investigate complaints of prolonged abuse and harassment of scientists and their employers, and of overt fraud. There have been instances of misleading material attacking ECE being forced into print, denial of the right of reply, and so forth. This is typical of the last stages of a failed theory, in this case the stadnard model, as it disintegrates in the face of logic and data, it has become an Idol of the Cave. I would urge scientists worldwide to reorganize the refereeing and funding of science to eliminate the idea of a censorious proletariat, so that the centuries old tradition of free debate and free thought is restored.

Civil List Scientist

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA.

Dear Myron,

Please find below page 28 of the introduction to ECE theory.

Myron found in 2003, that Cartan’s French differential geometry could be adapted to do the job. In the Spring of 2003, the field equations of gravitation and electromagnetism were unified into the Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) field theory, which is based directly on Cartan (or differential) geometry. The breakthrough Paper was Myron’s 599th: M. W. Evans, ‘A Generally Covariant Wave Equation for Grand Unified Field Theory’ in Foundations of Physics Letters, 16, 513 (2003). This paper from Craigcefnparc in South Wales (the nerve centre of aias) records the discovery of the wave equation that unifies wave (or quantum) mechanics and general relativity in an objective manner. This was a major aim of both Albert Einstein and Elie Cartan for many years. Einstein’s quest to unify gravity with light had finally been achieved and history had been made by Evans and his Einstein Cartan Evans ‘ECE’ theory.

Shortly thereafter, the equations of the weak and strong fields were also unified with those of gravitation and electromagnetism, and the Dirac equation derived from the ECE wave equation. The equations of quantum mechanics and general relativity were unified in the same year (2003) through the use of the tetrad postulate of Cartan geometry, leading to the ECE Lemma and wave equation.

Dirac’s equation allowed quantum theory to be united with special relativity last century, when the new subject area of quantum electrodynamics (QED) came into existence. In 1927, Einstein’s quantum theory was being taken over by the Copenhagen school of scientists, such as Heisenberg, who regarded it as complete and governed by probability only. They believed at the subatomic level uncertainty held sway and particles were linked by ‘spooky action at a distance’. Einstein however believed quantum theory was incomplete and the role of probability would diminish as the theory firmed up. However the Copenhagen school came to dominate physics as the twentieth century progressed and eventually was regarded as the only game in town. This one sided view opened the door for more outlandish ideas and eventually led to string theory and other theories which could not be tested experimentally and which contained equations that could be ‘cooked’ to produce results to give the impression that they were the best theories to develop.

The new ECE theory was used by Evans to unify the equations of quantum electrodynamics with general relativity, thereby simplifying quantum electrodynamics (QED) and negating the need for outlandish theories, such as string theory. In addition because ECE theory unifies quantum electrodynamics with the more powerful general relativity rather than weaker special relativity, new opportunities have been opened up to look afresh at old problems in science to see what new information can be gleaned.

Best Wishes


Spin Notes

August 30, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Spin Notes
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 02:32:29 EDT

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Many thanks indeed. I intend to return to this topic to develop Horsts notes on the Bedini machine to try to find resonances. If you can build the super generator you mentioned it would be a spectacular confirmation of resonance. No sceptic could survive the demonstration.

Mr. Evans: Here’s another hack at the Unit Volume thing. Regards, Charles F. Hubbard, Fellow, AIAS

Introduction to ECE page 26.

August 29, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Introduction to ECE page 26.
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:40:36 EDT

This is an education by Kerry Pendergast, who goes from strength to strength as his book develops. Marcel Grossmann was also a member of the “Olympia Academy” in Bern, a collection of Einstein’s friends along with Michele Besso, Konrad Habicht, Mileva Maric and others. We visited Winterthur from Zurich, and I think that Grossmann lived in Winterthur at one time. There is a monumental, multi volume, Omnia Opera of Einstein, with commentary, being produced at Princeton, and these years about 1900 to 1915 changed natural philosophy entirely from what had gone before. The Bernese Oberland has some fantastic landscapes and I took many photographs while in Switzerland for a year, working at the University of Zurich. Einstein corresponded with his old student friends Michele Besso and Konrad Habicht throughout his life, and Mileva Maric was his first wife. His second wife died in 1933 or thereabouts, so unders tandably Einstein was probably past his best by then. In 1933 he was 54 years old and in Princeton. Grossmann fell out with Einstein later on, but was obviously a key formative influence as a student. The spin field B(3) was not inferred until 1992, and the inverse Faraday effect itself was unknown prior to the mid fifties. The whole structure of the Maxwell Heaviside theory had to be developed from 1992 to present (in ECE and precursor theories) to unify electromagnetism with gravitation, as paper 93 is doing right now. The debates between ECE and the standard model revolve around this revolutionary approach to the subject. To resolve these debates, _www.aias.us_ ( offers a Table of many experimental advantages of ECE over the standard model. The latter has lost the debate comprehensively according to Bacon’s philosophy. In other words we are making truly significant advances in relativistic physics for the first time in ninety years.

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA

Dear Myron,

Please find below the introduction to ECE theory, page 26.

Volume 119(3) of Advances in Chemical Physics was endorsed by the Royal Swedish Academy in recognition of Vigier’s Omnia Opera, which is listed in that volume, with a portrait of Vigier as frontispiece. Vigier received an honorary degree from York University, Toronto at the first Vigier conference and would have received many more honorary degrees were it not for his intellectual adherence to the Einstein / de Broglie causality instead of the Copenhagen indeterminacy which dominated physics in the late twentieth century. Now the pendulum was swinging back again to causality, with the rigorously objective philosophy underpinning ECE.

Bo Lehnert summed up the impact of Myron’s discovery of the spin field and its implications by stating, ‘As a result of the theory by Evans, an axial magnetic field component B(3) will exist in the direction of propagation of an individual photon. Regarding such a photon as an axis-symmetric wave packet of limited transverse section, it is inevitable that the packet should possess a three-dimensional magnetic field pattern, having an axial field component B(3) and an associated angular momentum (spin). This fundamental contribution by Evans leads to a better understanding of the enigma of the photon than can be offered by conventional theory. Accordingly the results by Evans have inspired a number of scientists and research groups to perform further investigations along this line of approach. The research by Evans is thus of great importance to the scientific community and to the further development of modern physics and chemistry.’

Einstein had developed general relativity using German and Italian mathematics of curved surfaces advised to him by his fellow student from his days at ETH University, Marcel Grossmann. In 1911 on his return from his job at Charles University in Prague, Einstein was now a Professor at the University of Zurich, while Grossmann was a Professor of Mathematics at nearby ETH, Zurich. This allowed Einstein to access Grossmann’s mathematical genius to make up for his own failure to capitalize on the learning opportunities offered to him in Mathematics at ETH, when he had been a student there.

In the early twenties, Elie Cartan had suggested to Einstein that electromagnetic radiation was due to the torsion or twisting of spacetime. They corresponded extensively on the subject but were not able to construct the required unified field theory. Einstein had shown that space is curved by massive objects as described by the 1915 Einstein Hilbert equation of general relativity. Cartan meanwhile had developed his differential Cartan geometry to describe light as torsion or spinning space time. After Myron’s discovery of the spin field of electromagnetic radiation in 1991 and the formation of aias in 1996 it was seen that mathematics had to be developed to dock Einstein’s curved space with Cartan’s torsion of spinning spacetime. Myron found in 2003, that Cartan’s French differential geometry could be adapted to do the job. In the Spring of 2003, the field equations of gravitation and electromagnetism were unified into the Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) field theory, which is based directly on Cartan (or differential) geometry. Einstein’s quest to unify gravity with light had finally been achieved and history had been made by Evans and his Einstein Cartan Evans ‘ECE’ theory.

Best Wises


Appendix 2 of 93rd Paper

August 29, 2007

Subject: Appendix 2 of 93rd Paper
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:18:17 EDT

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This appendix defines the tensor operations that produce the generally covariant laws of electrodynamics unifed with the generally covariant laws of gravitation. This didactic approach proves everything step by step.