your section of paper 87

Subject: Fwd: your section of paper 87
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 08:05:46 EDT


I now agree with all of your comments here Horst. The missing key seems to be in the amplification process and this is what we do not fully understand. The clues may be in Horta’s article(s) if the Foundry material he is using really is producing the resonances we are interested in. A low work function is then important for the release of electrons. I also agree that this, including the general details of Horta’s device now collected, are better left to the future (where the possible role of phonon modes can also be developed)..

If Myron agrees, therefore, Horst, I am happy for you to make the amendments to this last section, as per your message below. Perhaps you could overwrite as we did with the rebuttal ? I will then add any remaining omissions etc and Myron and yourself can have one final read before posting.

I think Myron and yourself have already taken us very close to the point where we can design devices from theoretical first principles Horst. If we continue to openly discuss developments on the website we may get important clues on the details still missing from outside.

Best, Gareth


your part gives a very clear overview on practical aspects of SRC, excellent! The first and the last paragraph relate to my part 4.4. We could make both paragraphs the first and last paragraph of 4.4. Then this part would get a greater weight. What do you think about this? The fifth paragraph (“In principle natural resonances…”) seems redundant to me. What do you mean by “natural resonances”? Concerning the Horta material we cannot say much more at the moment. You can give a further literature search a try, and we can decide then if we write some sentences about this material.

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