Refutations already available

Subject: Refutations already available
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 02:21:40 EDT

Jessica has asked if you have refuted this paper . At at [] at [.1de091d6/16 she has posted

1. Floris is still quite upset about all these things. He has found today this article by some physicists and mathematicians which seem to find the error in what Professeur Evans has been writing. It concerns itself with this Englishman Sir Hodge. I deeply do mistrust the english – l’Albion Perfide ! They are not so clever, for example never have they understood that the snail is to eat. Floris simply adores them with the butter and the garlic. Perhaps I can restore his spirit by offering him this – here the torsion makes the tension !!!

2. These men – Messieurs Jadczyk, Bruhn and Hehl – do talk with the aliens !! Floris has seen that Laura. the wife of Jadczyk, does communicate with the beings from an other galaxie. We are very excited by these news. Professeur Hawkings has said we should all to leave this planete – perhaps it is to this galaxie that we must go. With the free energy of the torsion of espace-temps, we may well have the good chances to make this voyage.

P.S. I do not think that these men have had the courtoisie to send the copie to Professeur Myron. That kind of bad manners is just what we have come to expect in Europe these days. And what for me is much worse, Monseiur Jadzyck. he is living here in France, not so far from me in a chateau with the lustres and the tapisseries !! These are our patrimoine – what was yesterday that of the comte, today it is for the parvenu polonais. Quelle honte !

The detailed refutations to this camapign of personal animosity by pseudo-scientists are already available on _www.aias.us_ ( , notably paper 89 and the Hehl refutation. This paper is nonsense because the resonances have already been demonstrated numerically in paper 63. The refutations on _www.aias.us_ ( have been unanimously accepted by the profession. We were not allowed to post them on arXiv. We found a sponsor but for an unknown reason the process was blocked. This indicates the existence of an author black list on arXiv. Jadczyk is involved with Lakhtakia, who is known to have disseminated gutter abuse, a common assault and a serious felony. Bruhn and ‘t Hooft are associates of Lakhtakia. They deliberately try to give the impression of errors where none exist, and are predictable in that they attack everything I publish. Several scholars have checked my work and use the exact same Cartan geometry. These scholars are not attacked, showing that this is personal animosity. Computer algebra has been used to check my work. I think that the police authorities should caution Bruhn for aggravated harassment. I do not regard these people as scientists: “Say a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. We have heard that before somewhere. The general idea here is to block publication of ECE papers in journals. This has failed because of the huge and high quality interest in _www.aias.us_ ( . The mysterious “authority” that these people attempt to exude has been rejected by the entire profession, so the process has degenerated into a personal harassment which has been going on for years. For example my first wife was attacked by hate mail. She happened to be a Jewish girl from NYC. Is this entirely a coincidence I wonder? They use the journals of the profession to work off a bitter grudge. This simply brings the journals into disrepute, so the journals are also being ignored by the profession. When logically refuted they refuse to accept the refutation, or ignore its existence. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the profession does not. Until administrations and authorities control these people their personal bile will continue to saturate the internet. All that needs to be done is to refer to the refutations on _www.aias.us_ ( . These are very detailed and it is no problem for me to deal with these people intellectually.

British Civil List Scientist

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