Important New Paper by Crothers

Subject: for : Important New Paper by Crothers
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 08:26:11 EDT

Attachment: BlackHoleCatastrophePRS.pdf

This is an important new paper by the leading scholar Stephen Crothers which should without doubt be accepted by “Proceedings of the Royal Society” if it were a fair minded journal undominated by prevailing theology and basic incompetence. It should be posted with SC’s permission on _www.asis.us_ ( in preprint form. It shows that even in the very restricted torsionless case (paper 88) upon which general relativity is based, the prevailing solutions are incorrect. This special case is R ^ q = 0, D ^ (R ^ q) = 0, implying D ^ R = 0. I advise honest scientists to make the effort to study this paper carefully and thoroughly, and to discuss points that may arise with SC. Internal discussions within AIAS are going on all the time. This paper shows that Big Bang never happened, dark matter is a myth, black holes do not exist. The mathematics of interacting black holes are farcically incorrect. So public funding for fallacy and folly should be withdrawn, reorganized, and allocated to true scholarship.

Civil List Scientist

cc Welsh Assembly and IWA.

Dear Prof. Evans,

I have submitted the attached paper to the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. I do not at all expect it to be accepted by the Royal Society, but I thought I’d conduct experiment all the same. I will keep you informed of the course of all events.

Yours faithfully, Stephen J. Crothers.

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