Request for mathematical and analytical assistance

Subject: Fwd: Request for mathematical and analytical assistance
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 02:41:22 EDT

Myron, Horst,

The Request

Your assistance is requested to adapt the Maxwell/Heavyside equations to a magnetic material (Permalloy 80) to incorporate the nonlinear permeability condition that occurs in these materials.

Some Background

As you know, the Maxwell/Heavyside equations are given for air, which has a linear permeability. I am experimenting with magnetic materials and could greatly use corrected equations. Permeability in these materials is proportional to B at some proportionality relationship and abruptly reverts to that of air upon saturation by B.

I have the hysteresis curve for Permalloy 80.

If you and Horst agree to do this, then I will forward the hysteresis curve for Permalloy 80 and some pertinent discussion about hysteresis curves, which are not as straightforward as one might think.



I am prepared to help, but this is outside the work being done at present by AIAS and so is a consultancy. Reasonable rates of consultancy apply in my case. It must be rememberd that I work voluntarily without salary, and have done for over ten years, so a consultancy from time to time is entirely reasonable. My pesnion of 1,800 pounds a year ($3,600 a year) is an honorarium, not a salary. It is obviously not possible to live on $3,600 a year. This situation was brought about by events in 1994 at UNCC (see _www.aias.us_ ( ), events which have been repeatedly condemned by the profession. I was appointed by Parliament in 2005 for distinguished contributions to science. The internationally acclaimned ECE theory has been produced by a group of volunteers at AIAS, all working in their spare time.

Civil List Scientist

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