Paper 88 (re-posting)

Subject: Fwd: Paper 88 (re-posting)
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 01:32:56 EDT

I have uploaded this new version.

On 7/30/07, EMyrone] at [ wrote: > > > I would be most grateful if this attachment could replace the current paper > 88. The only change is that eqs. (35) and (36) have been written out in > full, to make clear that they are twelve term expansions which are non-zero > in general. So it becomes obvious that the traditional “second Bianchi > identity”, with only three terms summing to zero, is a special case that is > true if and only if the torsion is neglected. The rest of the paper is the > same. The overall conclusion is that general relativity and cosmology need > a complete overhaul. >

Most grateful! The true Bianchi identity will be used from now on in ECE papers, in the form of the Cartan identity:

D ^ T := R ^ q

not equal to zero in general.

The traditional second Bianchi identity (D ^ R = 0) is a special case where there is no torsion, and the true second identity is

D ^ (D ^ T) := D ^ (R ^ q)

not equal to zero in general.

Tradional general relativity is based on the torsionless approximations:

R ^ q = 0 D ^ (R ^ q ) = D ^ R = 0

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