May 07 Feedback to 30th May

Subject: May 07 Feedback to 30th May
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 04:39:05 EDT

There were 50,856 hits from 7,410 visitors, 2.94 gigabytes downlaoded. The most popular items by number of files downloaded were: 1) Lar’s book; 2) Felker Eckardt paper; 3) 63rd paper; 4) Munich workshop overview; 5) Kerry Pendergast’s book preprint; 6) Daniel Indranu paper; 7) Omnia Opera (OO) 591; 8) OO 161; 9) Munich Workshop history; 10) UNCC source documents; 11) Space Energy paper by Horst; 12) 84th paper; 13) Numerical paper by Horst; 14) 83rd paper; 15) Metric Manifolds; 16) 2nd paper. By kilobytes downloaded the most popular items were: 1) My IBM code; 2) Lar’s book; 3) OO 594; 4) 63rd paper; 5) OO 401e. The main identifiable interest was from: 1) Luxembourg Ministry of Energy; 2) Welsh Assembly; 3) Brigham Young; 4) Fuluoka Japan; 5) Motorola Corportaion; 6) Towy Aberystwyth (West Wales Development Organization). There were visitors from 73 countries led by 1) USA; 2) Britain; 3) France; 4) belgium; 5) Italy; 6) Germany; 7) Australia; 8) Japan; 9) Canada.

Overall the interest is dominated monthly by the corporate sector worldwide, many household name corportaions visit _ ( ) month. This is followed by private scholars, then higher educational and government departments worldwide and similar. There is a defineite need to organize this interest into courses, research and so on because it goes on 24 / 7 / 365 now, and has done for three years. It is seen that the educational items attract the most interest because the source papers are high level and heavy going. So the educational authors do a very valuable job.

Civil List Scientist

cc Assembly

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