Main Interest in May 2007

Subject: Main Interest in May 2007
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 02:24:39 EDT

The main identifiable interest (by institution) in May 2007 was: 1) Luxembourg Ministry of Energy; 2) Welsh Assembly (many visits); 3) Brigham Young University (many visits); 4) Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (many visits); 5) Cubic Corporation (US defense and transporation company founded 1951); 6) Motorola Corporation (many visits); 7) St. Lucie County Council Florida; 8) a site called which is associated with UW Aberystwyth ( ( ) but which is not an identifiable link. I think it is a development agency. Of course this is just a tiny sample of about eight thousand visitors in all, ranging as usual across all the major universities, institutes, corporations etc. in the world.

I am afraid that all I have left to say about the standard model establishment (a few fairly aged and out of practice individuals) is that they have become starkly irrelevant to progress among their younger colleagues. This is especially true of the British Institute of Physics because of its cynical use of scientifically untrained secretarial staff to block new and original scientific thought – the diametric opposite of what it should be doing. I cannot think of a worse snub to Parliament than this. So the only option is to reduce funding and control science funding by Government. Over and over again we have seen that this blocked science is technically correct and making a huge impact.

Civil List Scientist

cc Welsh Assembly

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